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I started working on poe-antiquary about three years ago before the start of Abyss. My original intention was to create a small crawler for private use. After seeing a couple of requests for a similar website on reddit, I decided to build a web UI around the dataset and go public. Since the site went online in March 2018, over 100.000 users came by for a visit. Thank you all for your support!

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Change log

Heist Update

  • Added harvest price data
  • Added beasts, incubators, delirium orbs and vials

Harvest Update

  • Added delirium price data

Delirium Update

  • Added metamorph price data

Metamorph Update

  • Added blight price data

Blight Update

  • Added legion price data

Legion Update

  • Added synthesis price data
  • Added synthesis flashback price data

Synthesis Update

  • Added betrayal price data
  • Added the possibility to smooth price graphs
  • Added the possibility to share multi item graphs
  • Added Fossil & Resonator prices from Delve